Monday, March 5, 2018

You Are A Badass At Making Money: Exercise 1

Last night, I broke down and bought "You are a Badass at Making Money" by Jen Sincero. After reading her first "Badass" book, I thought this would be a good segue... especially since I could definitely use guidance with money at 33.

So. As a heads up, I am going to use the exercises in the book, and put them into here. Feel free if you want to do it with me. <3


I love money because I love myself.

I am grateful to money because it allows me to have what I want and give what I can.

Make a list of all the reasons why you deserve money:
1. I'm a hard worker.
2. I deserve to support my family the way I'd like to.
3. I'd like to give to causes that I believe in.
4. I need to pay off student loans, house, and credit card debt.
5. I have a good heart and I can learn how to take care of money.
6. I want to teach my daughter that she deserves money.
7. Because it is my God-given right to be given abundance.
8. I am worthy of managing large amounts of money.
9. I wouldn't mistreat or abuse money, but learn how to invest and care for it.
10. I would be a philanthropist and start a business I love.

Make a list of some beautiful things that have happened in the world thanks to money:
1. Publications of my favorite novels.
2. Productions of my favorite movies.
3. My wedding,
4. Paying for my hospital stay for health reasons.
5. My interest in yoga.
6. Hobbies in practice.
7. My education.
8. My daughter's education.
9. Travelling to Ireland, studying there.
10. Gifts to philanthropic organizations, like building schools in third world countries.

Make a list of all the awesome things and experiences money can add to your life.
1. Paying off student loans!
2. 5 bedroom ranch style home in the Biltmore area
3. Summer trips to Europe, Australia, Costa Rica, Iceland... the world!!!!
4. Mommy get-away resort trips to Tulum or an ashram in India.
5. Publishing and finding the right people to represent my nonfiction book, paying for workshop classes.
6. Buying a new car like a Subaru.
7. Attending concerts on a regular basis around the country.
8. Get a new wardrobe for EVERYONE in the family... Not just smart shopping at Target, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx... But freely going to the mall and purchasing what we'd like.
9. A decked out backyard with desert landscaping, a zen space, and patio furniture.
10. Sharing my wealth with friends and family with trips around the world with them!

Make a list of how you being rich will benefit others:
1. Increase my happiness which automatically helps others.
2. Allows me to be independent which is something to look up to.
3. Want to take friends and families to different events with my support; that would be huge.
4. Benefit causes I believe in by moving certain parties forward.
5. Allows me to grow a closer-knit community in Phoenix that I believe in.
6. Able to mentor others who need help on how to save and invest money.
7. Able to guide the rich on how to use their wealth is modesty.
8. Able to take care of my mom and my siblings and my friends -- having someone they can rely on (without enabling them).
9. Support causes and fashions that I admire, thereby supporting entrepreneurs (creating a good economic bubble in PHX).
10. Leave a legacy of wealth to teach family members.

Monday, February 19, 2018

A letter to my daughter on her first birthday.

Dear Brynn,

You're turning one in a few days. Already you are such a strong and fierce little girl, quick to locate small objects or even object to small things. I am so blessed to be your mother because you're incredibly smart, funny, kind, loud, quiet, toothy, perfect.

As I've learned to be the right mother for you, there's so much out there that I want to protect you from, but know you'll learn from my guidance.  But even if my guidance can't be enough, I hope you'll remember...

  • To take care of yourself.  This is number one.  You are number one.  Make sure that you can be the best Brynnie for other people by caring for yourself.  This doesn't have to be an act of selfishness, but rather will allow you to properly act selflessly for others when you are mentally and physically caring for yourself.
  • Stand up for your rights.  You will have different views from people you care about immensely.  And that's okay.  No matter what, speak your truth.  Above all, when you are happy doing what you love then you are moving the world forward into a more positive place.  The perspectives you were raised with might not ultimately be the one that you agree with, and that's okay.  As long as your life experiences are meaningful, that's what really matters.  You are deeply and widely love for being, for growing, into the best you.
  • Get outside of your comfort zone. What you put out there is a direct mirror of what you want in your life.  You will grow.  And so will your dreams and the people who surround you.  I hope that you find the compassion and love to be the best version of yourself through your emotions, life experiences, and everything else in between.
  • Surround yourself with people who help make you the best version of yourself.  If people can't see that you are human, if they are judging you when they are human, too, then edit and move on. Learn to be around people who challenge and inspire you. Learn from them until you can teach them, and then find more people who light that fire.
  • Find a partner who will allow you to grow. You will live a thousand different lives in this one life, Brynn. The partner you settle with will understand this because you'll want the same for them. This is one of life's best and hardest challenges -- to grow with another for many years with shared goals, yet separate lives. Your father is my best friend. I am grateful for this wise love he gives me everyday and hope you will find someone who is deserving of your creative love.
  • Be authentic. It's okay to be emotional, a mess, tired, happy, sad, a leader, a follower, a doer, a giver. Whoever you are, Brynn, just be yourself. If you feel yourself trying too hard then move one from that situation. You can only grow if you are you, freak flag and all. You know Dad's a World of Warcraft geek and that I'm an astrology nerd. We own it and therefore we have people in our lives who love us regardless.
  • Invest your money. Don't live in debt, babe. Put most of your money into savings so you can experience the journeys in life (like traveling to Mongolia to have real Mongolian beef, or just beef as they call it).  Whatever you do, build a loving relationship with money and don't get down if you don't have it. Change your attitude and you'll change your circumstance. You are what you attract.
  • Know you are always loved. As my Uncle Chuck would always sign off his emails, "With great love." No matter what you do or where you are, you have a ton of people cheering you on. From your grandparents to your godparents to the friends who get to know the real you, if you''re ever feeling lost or down, we are by your side cheering you to be the best Brynn you can be.
  • My love is unconditional.  I don't want to say that I'm an enabler, but I'm sure my love will probably be that. It's a trait I received from your Grandma Marie. Sweet love, you are my world and I would do anything to make sure that you are a well-adjusted, happy, educated, brilliant woman. My heart is swelling right now just thinking about how much I love you.

There's more. I'll write more to you later. Just know that I can't wait to see what else you'll teach me this year.

(Your biggest champion.)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2 MMH groups I'm passionate about

I can't believe my little girl is turning one in less than two weeks. This time around then last year, I was scheduling professional pictures for her newborn shoot and just prepping the house like crazy for her arrival. I had always dreamed about my little girl, and here she was, coming at any moment. We were all looking forward to Brynn, and I couldn't wait to be the best mommy for her.

Brynn and I bonded immediately. She went right to my breast and I can genuinely say that giving birth was the most incredible experience of my life.

But, like all things, change can be scary.

During this time, I wrote an article about postpartum depression, hiding behind the fact that I had actually suffered from postpartum psychosis before my depression. It was such a debilitating experience, one that proved my marriage stronger, but it left me feeling lost rather than empowered.

Now, I'm feeling empowered. I'm excited for my daughter and the opportunities that she'll have through my voice and advocacy.

After publishing an article about my postpartum psychosis journey on Scary Mommy, Cindy Lee Harrick wrote me and introduced me to 2020 Mom and The Blue Dot Project, both advocacy groups for women who suffer from all Maternal Mental Health (MMH) issues.

I reached out to 2020 Mom, and the project manager asked if I would be a team leader to organize a ColorWalk for Moms, but I just don't know if I can do it all right now... I can easily get overwhelmed and I want to make sure that my passion is equal to my ability.

But, Maternal Mental Health Month is coming up in May, and I'm thinking of all the ways that I can help out through social media.

But here's how you can help...

If you have any MMH (or even if you don't, but you want to be genuine and real), create a post with the hashtag #realmotherhood #noshame. Or you can visit The Blue Dot Project on social media and share their posts with your own story.

I'm so excited to be part of something that is such a piece of me and one that I'd love to advocate for. It's so important to me to be authentic to my daughter and for me to be a leader in my own way. I hope she'll love and learn from this and know that having her made me stronger.

Setting your intentions for the February 15 new moon (and partial solar eclipse!)

New moons are my favorite. They really are.

I'm always energized and it's perfect for goal-setting and planting those seeds that you'll see reap over the next month (the next new moon is on St. Patrick's Day... lucky me! ;) ).

This new moon is in Aquarius this month, which is an air sign. Breath is so important to help bring our intentions to life so focusing on breath is the most powerful during this time.

I think it's important to reiterate that air also reaches those "invisible" areas that touch our heart through breath... Things like those "vibes" or frequencies we send out that we receive back. (Such as making, listening, and receiving sounds.)

At any rate, to prep for the new moon, I'm going to Yoga Phoenix tomorrow for Valentine's Day. Self-love is a super important thing for me this week, and I feel like it properly sets the setting. I've never been to this yoga location before since I'm a Yoga Pura gal.

For the past few days the AstroTwins just opened this pop-up incubator on their FB page. It's awesome. Everyday there's a new prompt to help you start your business, but really infuse astrology in it since it's an outline of your life path. It is SO fun, and I'm just loving every single moment of it. As an extra plus, my sister Molly bought the AstroTwins planetary guide for my birthday, and she kept forgetting and forgetting it (she was secretly reading it). But finally, I have my amazing and chunky book which gives me heart tingles every time I read it. Yup, I'm that much of a rookie astrology nerd.

As for my intentions, I'm really trying to focus on taking care of myself for my family. Self-care is so important and everyone sees certain versions of others. I feel like I haven't been my best at work, and I just really want to be the best version of me in all capacities. I want to focus on the things that really steady my emotions, help me work for a cause, and bring community together.

For your lovely little earbuds, I'm leaving my playlist of songs that have really been touching my heart lately and setting that #magic on fire.

Wishing you the best during this new moon. Excited to see what positive intentions come out during the next full moon (in virgo - an Earth sign!). Good. I need stability! I feel like I have so many amazing things happening, but they're happening all over and all at once. I just need to come down to earth with this.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My seagoat power is all neigh-yays this January 16 new moon!

Neigh-yays was supposed to be like a goat saying, "Neighhh." But neigh rhymes with yay, and I wanted positive neighs, so we all get it. (You know, because it's a Capricorn new moon!)

What I love about my sign is that even though I am an Earth sign, I'm a sea goat, so the second half is wading in water. Although Capricorn rules the first new moon of 2018... Per the AstroTwins' notes: "There are five heavenly bodies holding down Capricorn this new mood: the confidence-boosting Sun, savvy Mercury, creatrix Venus, strategic Saturn, and alchemical Pluto."

Woo. That's a lot.

Just returned from a relaxing yoga class knowing that my mind and body would be clearer if I made these new beginning intentions with gratefulness in mind. My crystals are outside taking a nice little moon bath to clear all past intentions made with those crystals.

It's something that's suggested, but if you ever want to clear energy from your crystals just soak 'em in a warm salt bath. That should do the trick.

With this new moon, I'm into the "Resolution Revolution." Feel free to answer these questions, too, to connect yourself closer to God, The Universe, The Source -- hey, whatever you call it. Tap into the power that you are part of.

Now, I was told that angel cards (or any divination cards) are more powerful if they are gifted to you, but this was something I read a long time ago. My father gave me these cards years ago, and they are my second set. I find them to be more accurate and powerful than my first, probably because I've put so much energy into all of them!

I have a journal for angel card readings. What I do is write my thoughts, my grateful intentions, and then ask any questions if needed by then.

Anyway, what I do is typically place my angel cards on my rose-quartz and take my left hand to knock away all negative energies.

Then I mix the cards and let whatever card fall out in order put into place. I am a BIG fan of the three card draw: past, present, future. I typically see it as PAST (what you were considering or what happened); PRESENT (the origin of the situation); FUTURE (the outcome if all energies are still focused.

With this Capricorn new moon for new beginnings here are the questions that I'm taking cue from the AstroTwins:

  • Where am I now?
  • What lights me up about this goal?
  • When I achieve this goal, how do I imagine I will feel?
  • How can I make the process fun and enjoyable?
  • Who in my life can support/inspire/encourage me with achieving this goal?
  • What can I take towards this goal?
  • After that, what step can I take?
  • I know I have achieved this goal when...
And that's the new moon reading! I personally like to be in my space and write in my journal, which I'd rather do than type in here for now.

But hopefully this gives you some positive guidance for the first new moon of 2018.

Love, a seagoat who wants to see you be abundant and successful! <3

Monday, January 15, 2018

Yoga of Wealth: Designing Your Life, Part I

What is the most important thing I want for myself in my own life? If I had unlimited wealth, and unlimited time and energy, how would I want to use it?

The most important thing I want for myself is to be a brilliant and magical wife, mother, daughter, sister, and U.S. and world citizen. I want to practice yoga and union with God, physically and spiritually. I want to be free to speak my mind and attract those who are my tribe. I'd like to practice yoga with my guru and have the courage to work with others on topics that interest me the most.

If I had unlimited wealth and time and energy, I would live a great and modest life, yet spend money wisely and slowly, investing on topics/communities important to me.

With unlimited time and energy, I would start something like an 826 Phoenix on weekends at Changing Hands. I would quit teaching electives and practice yoga, maybe teach yoga, definitely write my book/essays, and maintain my vision/outlet blog, get more into astrology and readings, travel the world with Brynn and Adam. We would travel to Slovakia, the UK, Japan, Mongolia, Australia and New Zealand, Antartica, Greece, Costa Rica, Finland, Iceland, Norway. We could have a great, big, cozy home in Moon Valley or in Paradise Valley, and have a cabin up north to get away on weekends. With unlimited time, I'd practice hobbies that interest me: rock climbing, camping, hiking, and getting outdoors more in Northern Arizona.

I wouldn't like Adam to work anymore, except doing the things he loves. I would bring in the income with my writing. And instead of teaching part-time, I write essays and articles from home. I spend the great mornings with Brynn -- taking her to the zoo, the park, the museum, the library, then have her spend time at her daycare with her friends while I write and get paid for articles for Bustle, Refinery29, HelloGiggles, The Mighty, Romper, and local publications.

I would want for nothing yet have the willpower and restraint not to spend too much, but know that I have the luxury of having whatever I want. I could build my outside garden to help with my readings and moon cycle manifestations with my friends.

With the Arizona community, I would start a quarter or yearly moon ritual, bringing musicians and like-minded people together to help bring this community together. Or, I could build my blog and help sponsor MM3 or the Lost Leaf Festival.

With this unlimited wealth and abundance, I would donate to causes that matter like: Durga Ma, 826 National, funds for education and health policies, the democratic party, Planned Parenthood, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. I would give back to the arts community and help those who helped me during low times when I was working. The first thing I would do is pay off student loans for myself, Adam, and my sister Molly, and then establish a college fund for Brynn (and future children!).

Being able to live a life with more wealth would be such an amazing opportunity. With a modest home, I would also invest in a modest car like a Subaru. I'd shop at Living Spaces. I'd invest in my local community and eat cleaner (because let's face it, those things are expensive).

I'd love to lead a life where my daughter is proud of me: for following my heart and interests while having God (the Universe, the Source, whatever) in mind while maintaining true relationships with Adam, my family, and building friendships that are long and meaningful to me. I'd also like her to be proud of taking care of my mental and physical health.

More importantly, I want Brynn to grow into who she is. As Adam has tattooed on his arm, "Stay what you are." With my wonderful little girl about to walk everywhere (something she's been wanting to do since Day 1, her eyes everywhere wanting to get her brain going!), I want Brynn to know that she is unconditionally loved by her parents, her family, the Universe, and that she is part of God, and that this world is not the amazing place that it is without her.

Stories are so important, and I as I write that, I feel a ping in my ribs -- somewhere between love and hurt. Dear God, please help make this happen.

Refine Your Conclusion:
With unlimited wealth and love, I would live a modest life in Paradise Valley or Moon Valley practicing yoga and writing while watching my daughter Brynn. I would pay off my student loans and start a blog based off astrology, yoga, and personal stories that would be successful. With Adam and Brynn, I would travel the world and help shape my daughter into the intuitive, brilliant little woman that she is. My life in Arizona would be full of adventures with rock-climbing, road trips, and music festivals with my family. I wouldn't want Adam to work anymore, but instead have him indulge in his passions. I thank the Universe, God, for this abundance that is within each one of us, and promise to give back to my community to make it a better place for the world.

Namaste, Durga Ma. With love, Brighid.

Get that creative #magic going!

I'm fortunate that I have such a powerful sister in my life. My sister Molly, daughter Brynn, and I spent today - with the original plan to head to the zoo (where we found our "manifestation" spot, but got derailed to Tempe Town Lake, near where Moe (Molly) lives.

This ended up being a good thing, especially for Molly's reading.

Tomorrow is the Capricorn new moon, and if you don't know anything about it, it is MAGICAL for bringing in new manifestations for this next quarter. I have been trying to be ready for this year, listening to my astrological ladies The AstroTwins and their webinar last Thursday, Jan. 11.

My mini-tribe did a few yoga poses, and then took out our cards, wrote our goals for manifestations, shared them, and added our own thoughts. It's really refreshing.

I felt a bit blocked, which is natural and why I'm glad I did this earlier than yesterday when the new moon begins.

Based on the AstroTwin's webinar from Thursday, Molly and I headed to Fantasia Crystals today, our first time there, on the search for pyrite. This was suggested by Chartreuse of AstroFlotus, who I am just so excited to get to know. She suggested pyrite for its very direct structural developments to help organize 2018.

How appropriate. As I'm writing this, I've placed the pyrite on my computer to help bring this energy forward.

I've been wishing, and wishing, and wishing to win the Powerball, lottery and just have my simple life in Moon Valley, but I think it's time I go for my dream of venturing with a blog that doesn't block my voice due to my spiritual or political beliefs... just because of the people I surround myself with.

So in that regard, I'm the fool who is finding her abundance (gold) in pyrite. Yup, that's my #deep interpretation.

Getting a few estimates from illustrators on a branding idea that I have for a website/blog that will touch on astrology, yoga, parenting, personal essays, and Arizona -- all of my favorites.


My Capricorn new moon goal is to work around my finances and make life work for my new goals, which is to be more present with Brynn and my community in Moon Valley, while also finding like-minded people (or who people call "my tribe").

I'd also like to get local and start moon rituals... But, that's far ahead. Just want to get THIS goal in action and on the forward.

At any rate, Happy Capricorn New Moon from a January 7 Capricorn! Sending you those zappy, zesty positive vibes.